Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I was shopping this past weekend and I found the perfect fabric for my jackets at Hancock. It is cotton velvet and it is sturdy enough but not too stiff. I also found V8460 at JoAnn's and picked up two more jacket patterns. Yes, I am a bit obsessed.
The one I am cutting out is McCall 5478. I have plaid wool fabric from my uncle that I am using. It is very cool.

I also started a Christmas gift but that person may read this and I don't want to give anything away.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hey everyone! I have been working on the NaNoWriMo, see my other blog, Wordful Googie, for details. But now that is over with, I am back to the crafting.

I am working on a skirt using the red fabric I bought in Chicago and Vogue 2811. I also started knitting argyle slippers from Weekend Knitting, Melanie Falick's excellent book. The slippers were designed by Denyse Specktor and the yarn is Paternayan Persian Wool. They will be beautiful if they turn out. I don't have a lot of experience in intarsia, so we will see.

I was watching DVDs of Arrested Development and the Lindsay character had the coolest short-sleeve jacket on and I just knew I had to make one. Hancock had a sale on Butterick last week, so I picked up two jacket patterns: 4900 and 5107. The long-sleeve jacket I want to make out of a dusty pink velvet, which I saw on another Arrested Development character, Sally Sitwell (you just have to watch). I think that I am going to buy the fabrics online. I found a couple of really good sites with fabric at 60 inches, which I can't seem to find in Toledo.

Christmas is coming and I wanted to make people's gifts. I still may have time, although I am not going to run myself ragged. There is a couple of embroidery projects and some quick felted slipper patterns I want to try. I am obsessed a bit with slippers. I have three pair; it always seems I am losing them.

I do have one other obsession I wanted to share: on the cover of Vogue Patterns last month, there was the coolest bag and unfortunately, the month passed before I could find out what the pattern was. I tracked it down and it is Vogue 8406 and along with the Butterick sale, Hancock also had Vogue patterns on sale last week. Alas, they didn't have it. Fortunately, JoAnn has Vogue patterns on sale so I will be able to get it. There are three JoAnn's in town, so I have a better chance of finding it. There is only one Hancock in town. I have a really great brown suede from which to make it.