Friday, June 29, 2012

Summertime projects

I haven't posted in forever and feel really bad about it. I really do. Anyway, I have been working on several projects because I can't do just one thing. I don't have photos to post yet, but I will as soon as they are finished. The projects are a mix of knitting and jewelry making. The knitting project is the summer bag I was working on the last couple of years. The knitting part is finished, it just needs to be put together. Right now, the cat is laying on it.

The jewelry projects include a wrap bracelet that I am remaking with leather. I originally made it with Irish linen but it was too flimsy. I made three pairs of  earrings from one of the Bead Fantasies book. I have the beads for another pair from the same series of books. I also have been experimenting with wire; I made my own ear wires for the previously mentioned earrings.

So even though I no longer have a craft room, I still have been able to get some work done.