Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I have been busy multi-tasking. I have been working on my purse. I had to break out the Simplicity Classic to sew the leather. It isn't perfect, but I consider it to be a learning experience.

But I had to stop so I could start work on my Chanel jacket. I want to wear it next week for my birthday. Here it is in mid-sew. I didn't have enough fabric for the face, so I am using part of the lining. Thanks mom for the tip!

Spring has sprung here in Toledo, so I have been wearing the jackets I made this past winter. I am not pleased with the way the Burda jacket turned out. I have the pattern cut out and ready with fabric from Vogue fabrics. I think I will make it next. I am hoping that I have learned enough that this one turns out better.

I went back and was re-reading some of the posts and wanted to add another chapter in the skinny jeans saga. I tried them on and they are now too big in the butt. So, I give up with them. I tried on my store bought ones and they now fit. I will be hemming the bottoms because they are a bit too long, but are totally wearable. I want to wear them with my Chanel jacket I am making for my birthday next week.

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