Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hi Everyone-
I have been pretty busy with all things non-craft related, although I did work on my jacket the other evening. I have been avoiding this jacket for weeks because I don't understand the directions. Sure, I can read through them, and sure I can attempt to do what they say, but my problem is bigger than that. I have a problem with spatial relationships. I can't see how something will be put together by a diagram. For example, the jacket I am working on has an under collar and an over collar. The undercollar is attached to the shoulders of the jacket. The over collar is attached to the lapels. Then the whole over collar/lapel piece is attached to the under collar/shoulder piece. I am assuming that the edges are sewn together and then after it is sewed, the whole thing is turned so the collars and lapels are right side out. But who can write that so it makes sense to someone like me? It took me months of reading and re-reading the directions to even make sense of it.

The good news in this mess is that once I make something, I know how to do it and future attempts won't be as traumatic.

That's how I think it goes.

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