Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have worked on a couple of things that haven't turned out for whatever reason. The first is a macrame necklace that uses square knots and double half hitches but it didn't work with the silk rattail I used. It is really purple but came out blue on the photo. The necklace uses one of the fused pendants I made a couple of months ago. I am still deciding on how to finish it, clasp-wise.

The next one is from the book Beading With Pearls and it is the "Lasso." Keep in mind that I usually don't have the correct materials to start with but use whatever I have on hand in my own interpretation. The directions called for white freshwater pearls in two sizes strung on "Greek-style leather cord." I had neither. I had white suede cord and purple "pearls."

Meh. I am not thrilled but now I know that I am not going to waste the money buying freshwater pearls and Greek-style leather, whatever that is!

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