Friday, August 11, 2006

I have another photo to post. This is an anklet I made.
Again, the photo quality is poor, but you get the idea. I whipped this up in 10 minutes. I love it.

I am almost finished with my ring from The Beader's Palette by Ondori. It's pretty cool. Next I will weave a matching bracelet on my bead loom.

Tomorrow, I will post a photo of a jump ring for Matt who asked me about them. I think we are talking about the same thing, but you know a picture is worth a thousand words!


Jan said...

Hi C-Line,
Nice site!! I admire your
enthusiasm..The anklet looks dainty.

Do you use complete kits for your projects?
I received a catalog from
"Fire Mountain Gems and Beads.
900 page catalog for supplies such as stones, settings,catalogs, beads,necklaces etc.
r u interested in it?

also don't miss the Sewing Expo at Novi MI. It's coming.
I saw the flyers at Hancock Fabric last week.
I enjoy your site..Jan

Caroline said...

Hi Jan-
I get the Fire Mountain catalog. In fact, I have two!

I only made one bracelet from a kit, the others are made from beads I have in my collection.

I am thinking about the Novi expo. I would like to go.

Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I am going to add more photos, hopefully in focus.