Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hi everyone-
I thought I would check in with an update of what is going on. I have the Prada knock-off dress almost finished: it just needs a zipper. I am finished with the dress part of my Halloween costume. I have to make the vest and the overskirt. I will work on it this week.

I went to one of the Toledo SnB meetings tonight at Barnes & Noble. It was a lot of fun to sit with other knitters and knit. I found out that I have been knitting in the back of the stitch instead of the front of the stitch. I will definitely attend more in the future.

I have been switching off my sewing with knitting and crochet. I am working on a felted knitted bag, that if it works, could be a really great Christmas gift. I could totally whip them out on my knitting machine. As for crochet, I have been working on an afghan I started for Tim last year. I am almost finished.

I am still sewing strong. My mom sold me an extra serger she had, so I am going to be experimenting on it. I also took a book out the library that describes how to make a pattern from an article of clothing you already have. I am going to try it on a pair of pants I would like to duplicate.

I have more than enough projects to keep my busy throughout the fall and winter. I know that posts are more interesting with photos, so next time I will post some.

Till then!

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Matt said...

I see! So, Mom sold YOU the 'extra' serger! Harumph! I'D like to have a serger. I guess I'LL just have to buy one myself.

My black and shiny fuzzy little Shadow baby kitty died on Monday. She was 15. We got her as a stray in Virginia. It is just so sad. Candy had taken her to the vet because we were worried because she was listless and losing weight. Shadow died on the examining table. I think that she had a heart attack. The vet is doing a necropsy to determine the cause of death. All of my old cats are dying like flies. At least I have kittens.