Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day! Vacation was nice. You can view the photos at The album is titled, “Out West 2006.” You can also view photos of my pets in the album titled, “Pets.”

I bought a couple of nice anklets while out West. One I bought on the Navajo reservation, and the other I bought in Taos. I will post photos of them later. I also visited a really great bead store in Trinidad, CO. Unfortunately, I didn't write the name down, and can't find it online. It is however, on the main drag in town. Very nice! I bought some glass beads, a necklace starter, and some pink leather straps I am going to make a bracelet out of.

Back to crafting:
I have been secretly multitasking. I have one more bracelet to finish before I can throw myself into sewing, but while I was working on the loop de loop bracelet, I started sewing. I confess! I have a big pile of projects I would like to get done in record time and the only way to do that was to do two things at once. So, while I will start and finish the ribbon bracelet, I will also continue sewing.
I have been obsessed with all things Prada. As mentioned previously, I have a ton of magazine subscriptions, and I decided to cull them for fashion ideas, ripping out pages, and discarding the rest. The designer whose dresses I ripped out more often was Prada. I love it! Right now, I am making a dress that is inspired by her 2006 spring/summer collection (left),

The pattern I am using is Butterick 4849 (top). I also bought Simplicity 4072 (bottom). I am making both in different fabrics. 4849 is being made out of a taupe linen with embroidered designs. 4072 is out of a crème linen. I don’t know if I am going to add beading yet. I have to see how they turn out. I am not the most proficient sewer, so I may have to use beading to cover up my mistakes! Ha!

I am also inspired by the Prada handbag collection. Namely, the Heritage bag. Ahhh. So beautiful, except for the fox collar. I am really against fur. I decided that I am going to make my own bags.

To that end, I bought three purse patterns (Simplicity Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting4646, Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting4668, and Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting8331) that encompass the handbag-shape oeuvre. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to recreate what I want at a fraction of the cost.

I have learned two valuable lessons from sewing:
1. Don’t equate the size pattern you are buying with your actual clothing size. Clothing manufacturers re-sized all of their clothing about a decade ago to make women feel better about themselves. Keep telling yourself that those Gap jeans in size 10 mean you really are a size 10!
2. You must look beyond the hideous fabric used on the front of the pattern to discern the real shape of the garment/accessory in question. Some of these fabrics are so horrible, they almost hide the design! Where do they get them? Old curtains?

On another sewing-related note, I have to begin my Halloween costume next week (Butterick #Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting3906). I just found out that one of the parties I am going to is on Oct. 14. I don’t want to be sewing right up to the day like I did a couple of years ago. In all fairness, I was in the hospital, but still! I am going as a gypsy and am making Butterick 3906. The dress is white muslin, the vest is gold and the over-skirt is red, much like the photo. Don’t get me started on that vest fabric in the photo! Eeek! I found the vest and skirt fabric at Wal-Mart of all places. I know, I don’t usually shop there but found myself inside the new store on Airport Hwy on an unrelated matter. The fabric was only $1 a yard! Who could beat that? I am going to add gypsy-related touches like a red scarf tied around my head, coin bracelets, hoop earrings, and a crystal ball to carry to tell people’s fortunes. Note to self: must find crystal ball.

I will post photos of everything as I make it. The purses/totes will be an ongoing project throughout the fall and winter.

The next three weeks comprise Spring 2007 Fashion Week. The first week is New York, then Milan, then Paris. I will be keeping up on the collections and posting my favorite looks from the shows over the next couple of months. It would be really great to get on fashion-designer time, meaning to be able to work a season in advance. Unfortunately, I am still working on summer 2006 clothes, and the days of summer are numbered! One day, I have high hopes that I will get my act together. Until then, I will keep playing catch-up.

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