Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to provide an update on those four projects I started a couple of posts ago. I finished the crocheted scarf, but a friend of mine fell in love with it and wanted to give it to his sister for Christmas. I gave it to him but didn't take a photo beforehand. I will make myself another. It went quickly. The blue hat is coming along. I learned a new technique: picking up stitches. I finally can finish that hooded sweatshirt I have been working on for six years! (I was stuck on the hooded part when it said to pick up stitches.) The other hat is in a holding pattern because I ran out of yarn and was having a hard time finding another skein. A big shout out to Fiberworks on Glendale. I located it there and now just have to pick it up. I have been plugging away on the to-be-felted bag and hope to have it finished before I die.

I have been working on a muslin version of the Prada bag. The practice bag is much smaller than the original tote. I have a photo of a model holding the original tote and it is as long as her upper thigh. Mine won't be as big. I have been investigating buying leather by the hide and it is a bit pricey. I will post a photo of the practice muslin next week. I am on vacation and hopefully will be working on my crafty stuff.

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