Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hi Everyone-
Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have been a crafting fool lately. I have finished the blue hat, the winter white scarf, a neck warmer, my knock-off Prada dress, my knit dress, a pair of jeans, and my Burda skirt. I will post photos tomorrow.

In one of my last posts, I was talking about how distasteful I found buying a side of leather and cutting it up for my Prada bag. My mom had a really great idea: Go to thrift stores and buy leather coats, belts, and purses to cut up and use. What a fantastic way to recycle! I haven't actually went yet, but there is a Goodwill and a Salvation Army near my house that I will visit soon.

My next adventure is to fit a pair of jeans and a jacket. I have a book on it and have been avoiding it because it seems hard to me. That is why I have been on a sewing tear; I have been avoiding doing that. I have one more shirt to make for my husband, and then I will move on to the fitting. I will, of course, keep you posted.

A couple people have told me that they are unable to post responses to my blog. I will investigate it and get back to you. I thought that I had enabled Anonymous posting, but Blogger has been updated and maybe it doesn't work? I will find out.

'Til tomorrow then.

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