Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey everyone! I am pretty excited. I am buying a new sewing machine on Tuesday. It is a Janome DC3050 and I am getting it from Sewing Express in Toledo. They were very nice there. My Simplicity Classic is starting to jam up on me. I am currently working on a shirt for my husband and I keep having to rip out seams because the bobbin threads are jamming.

The DC 3050 is computerized and has 50 built-in stitches, automatic button hole capability, built-in needle threader, and speed control. It's pretty nice and got some great reviews at Speaking of that website, it is a really great resource for everything sewing and has an enthusiastic posting community.

Another sewing-related project I am working on is altering the jeans that I made a couple of weeks ago. I had to take the whole thing apart because they were too big and I liked the denim too much to throw the whole thing away. I have two other pants patterns to cut out in my search for the perfect pair of pants and am waiting on a couple of fitting books I bought from Amazon. The weather here has turned wintry and it is a perfect opportunity to stay home and sew.

I am also going to be moving my sewing room from its current location in the spare bedroom to the attic, which is finished and is the length of the house. Up there, I will be able to spread out, leaving my cutting table up at all times and even being able to set up my knitting machine and leaving it up. My mom has a Singer knitting machine that she said I could play around with, so I am looking forward to the new space. Also, my cats like to help me sew and there is more room for them to lay not on my sewing. It seems every time I want to use the sewing machine, the cat is sleeping on the sewing machine chair and I don't want to move her.

Well, have a great week and I will post a photo of my new machine after Tuesday. Happy crafting and posting!

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